Agana Chamorro Village

Photo of Agana Chamorro Village

Adjacent to the Boat Basin is the Chamorro Village or Farmer's market. The Spanish colonial-style buildings house a variety of arts, gift and craft shops. Predominant among the market shops are restuarants featuring Chamorro, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Jamaican, Mexican, Filipino and other cultural delicacies. Fresh fish, fruits, vegetables, plants & flowers, desserts and treats, and BETELNUT are also sold by farmers. Every Wednesday night from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., the Village features ancient cultural dances, reggae and live bands, demonstrations by master crafters, costumes and exhibitions by Guam's youth under quaint settings. While the aroma of barbecued chicken and ribs drifts through the air, hundreds of teens, tourists and residents stroll through the night market. The Chamorro Village {Sagan Dinana}, is a venue where local entrepreneurs, artists and craftsman could participate in the economic activity of the island, and concurrently, help preserve the culture through the marketing of local talent and craftsmanship. The Guam Museum Satellite, aquarium and petting zoo are also located there.

Cultural demonstrations also take place each Saturday on the main Pavillon. Groups interested in performing may contact (671) 475-0375, fax (671) 472-9446 or email Business hours are Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm. Visitors to the Chamorro Village can watch chocolate being made Mon-Sat at the Guam Chocolate Shop.

During the 1960's and 1970's it was known as the Guam Farmers Market where farmers assembled to show and sell their produce and livestock. After Typhoon Pamela in 1976, it became the Guam Public Market and visits to the market became a family outing and a focal point of island activity where produce and local cuisines were sold. Then a typhoon and a fire, during the 1980s, raged through the old facility rendering it a total loss.

The Chamorro Village was created as an entity of the Guam Dept of Commerce in 1978 through Public Law 14-154. The 1990 Public Market Redevelopment Plan grew into $10-million facility with the approval of then-Gov. Joseph F. Ada and the 21st Guam Legislature. The purpose of the Village was determined to be to encourage, promote and provide a centralized support facility for local entrepreneurs wishing to engage in the retailing of Guam's agricultural/fisheries products, products bearing the Guam Product Seal, and local arts and crafts. The facilities is the premiere show place to display the Chamorro culture and traditions.

Guam Museum. The Main Guam Museum is open 9am-4pm Mon-Fri, and 9am-2pm on Saturday in Adelup behind the Governor's Office. The museum showcases the geology of Guam, the natural and cultural history of its people, the galleon and whaling routes, and the origin of the early Chamorro. For more information or to pre-arrange educational tours call (671) 475-4228.

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