Guam Lovers leap. Amantes Cliff1819 Legend of Two Lovers Point
Recorded by French Expedition to Guahan of Cabo de Los Amantes. Chamoru ancient oral history during pre-contact Era.
picture of Amantes Cliff20th Century 1933 Legend of Two Lovers Point
Puntan Dos Amantes. First Citation from Guam Recorder.
picture of Two-lovers Cliff1970's Legend of Two Lovers Point from Plaque on Cliff.
Puntan Dos Amantes. Tragic Legend of young Love during Guam's Spanish Era.
picture of Two-lovers CaveSecret of Two Lovers Cave at Northern Guam
What happened to the bodies of the Two-Lovers? Had they crystallized into limestone?
Sirena MermaidLegend of Sirena the Mermaid
Fate of a chamorita who loves swimming in Agana River.
Gadao LegendLegend of Chief Gadao - The Challenge
The Contest of Strength between Two Chiefs.
Gadao Swims around Guam 25 timesChief Gadao - The Three Feats of Strength
Chief Gadao Swims around Guam 50 times.
The CoconutLegend of The Coconut
The Origin of The Coconut Tree
Green LizardModern Story of the Boy lizard
A young lad befriends and speaks to the gaga' hayu {wood critters}
Legend of Our Lady of KamalenLegend of Our Lady of Kamalen.
haluu fishermanLegend of Halu'u
Fisherman taunted by a giant shark
shore viewThe Giant Fish who almost ate Guam in Half
The Fish which ate the middle of Guam at Hagatna Bay and Pago Bay.
shore viewThe Beautiful Rainbow Bridge
Story of Veronica and her desire to preserve her beliefs
whiteladyThe White Lady of Fonte' River
Ghostly apparition of White Lady on the Fonte' River Bridge
Isle of RotaMasala's Powerful Son Leaps to the Island of Rota
Legend of how a human Footprint was imbedded into a rock ledge.

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